Parkinson's Mobility Exercises

Parkinson’s Disease affects certain aspects of movement such as balance, proprioception, speed of movement and initiation or continuation of planned movements. At Kinnect to Wellness our goal is to challenge each aspect of mobility that is affected by the disease. Individualized programming would be recommended for those that require more supervision for balance or body mechanics.

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Osteoporosis and Fall Prevention

One-on-one exercise sessions are offered for postural corrections and strengthening of muscles to lengthen and decompress the spine and to treat pain associated with fractures of the spine. At Kinnect To Wellness, we are Bonefit trained, an osteoporosis and bone health exercise protocol, which is supported by Osteoporosis Canada. Exercise sessions take a client through the progressive levels of exercise outlined very specifically in the Bonefit protocol. As Kinesiologists, we have the knowledge and practical skills necessary to modify exercises and to monitor the correct exercise techniques required for improving strength. Reducing the risk of falls through balance and core training is another key goal of our Osteoporosis exercise program.

Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes Management

One on one sessions are offered to those with Diabetes or with risk factors for the disease. Current research has shown that cardiovascular exercise and strength training  reduce glucose levels in the bloodstream post-exercise. At Kinnect to Wellness, our goal is to provide a progressive exercise program that enable our client to achieve the levels of fitness required to improve glucose tolerance and healthy body mass index. As Kinesiologists, we are aware of the complications related to Diabetes such as peripheral neuropathy, heart disease and changes in blood pressure. We are fully equipped to monitor cardiovascular changes such as heart rate and blood pressure and integrate this information in exercise program progressions.

Exercise in Oncology

The at Kinesiologists at  Kinnect to Wellness have undergone certification training courses provided by Wellspring Cancer Support Centres. This training has prepared us to  provide exercise programming for those recovering from cancer treatment, or going through cancer treatment. Most people undergoing cancer treatment experience generalized weakness, orthopaedic problems and fatigue, with fatigue being reported in 70%-90% of all cases. Moderate exercise among cancer patients has shown to improve sleep patterns, reduce fatigue, reduce pain and improve quality of life. At our facility we offer a comfortable and inviting environment in which to carry out exercise for those not wishing to be in a large public fitness facility.

Pain Management and Chronic Disease Management

Personalized programs are available to those requiring education and exercise to treat various chronic pain conditions. Pain from chronic injury or disease can be very debilitating. Exercise is a means to encourage postural changes, increase blood flow to affected areas and to help reduce fatigue caused by lack of mobility. Our kinesiologists encourage gentle postural conditioning with progression to general strength and cardiovascular conditioning to build up a client’s tolerance to movement.

Injury Rehabilitation through Exercise

Individualized progamming is available as an adjunct to physiotherapy treament for orthopaedic injuries and /or surgical procedures. As Kinesiologists we have the education and training to provide whole body exercise prescription and to further progress exercise programs developed through physiotherapy treatment. At Kinnect to Wellness, our goal is to provide safe exercise progressions for our clients using their treatment goals as guidance. To ensure a coordinated approach, the kinesiologists at Kinnect to Wellness maintain contact with the client’s health care team, including physiotherapists, chiropractors and physicians.

Depression / Fibromyalgia

Personalized exercise programming for clients that require moderate progressions for exercise and higher levels of supervision to ensure proper technique. Kinnect To Wellness hosts a quiet and comfortable environment for exercise. We provide a gentle approach to exercise program development and use readiness for change guidelines to assist in determining exercise progressions.

General Exercise Classes and One To One Training

At Kinnect To Wellness we promote the concept of a healthy lifestyle and exercise as medicine for prevention of disease. In order to reach all members of the population we offer general exercise classes that target cardiovascular conditioning, general muscle strengthening and core strengthening. Our one-on-one sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each client for those wishing to achieve more personalized goals.

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