Fit over 50

Our Fit over 50 class continues to be a popular exercise class. It is a class designed to build postural strength and endurance, challenge your balance and improve flexibility. Exercising to ensure you gain or maintain strength, balance and coordination is the key to independent living as you age. Come and observe or participate in our Fit over 50 class during any of the regularly scheduled class times to see if the class is right for you!

This class is offered weekly for adults aged 55 and over. 

GLA:D Hip & Knee Treatment Program

GLA:D™ Canada is appropriate for anyone experiencing knee and or hip OA symptoms, including those with mild to severe symptoms. For some people who are waiting for joint replacement surgery attending GLA:D™ Canada has delayed their decision to proceed.

This program incluces 2 education classes and 12 classes of indivdulized neuromuscular exercises. The duration of this program is a total of 7 weeks. This program is also offered virtually.

Parkinson's program at Parkside

Kinnect to Wellness is please to provide an exercise program targeting Parkinson's disease management at The Parkside Centre inconjunction with the Parkinson's Support Group of Sudbury

Our small sized classes would be recommended for those who continue to maintain a high level of independence with their mobility but require ongoing cuing for body positioning and posture strengthening.

Classes are offered at the Parkside Older Adult Centre at the Sudbury YMCA every Monday at 11am and Thursday at 1pm, free of charge thanks to the support of the Parkinson Support Group of Sudbury. This class is offered virtually.