Work Conditioning Programs:

Individualized programming for clients initiating a return to work program. Prior to participating in a graduated return to work program in their workplace, a client may require additional exercise tasks in order to build up a tolerance to activity. Programming includes a progressively graded exercise program to improve cardiovascular conditioning and strength. Furthermore, general education relating to pain control and body mechanics in the work place is provided.

Work Hardening Programs:

The work hardening program is a job specific program of activity and functional tasks with the goal of return to work. Each program is developed using the physical demand requirements of the individual's intended job. The client moves through progressively graded job simulated exercise tasks in order to increase their tolerance to activity and increase their likelihood of success upon returning to work.

An educational component regarding pain management and body mechanics in the workplace is part of the work hardening program protocol. Recommendations for the modification of work tasks and safe graduation to work tasks over time are provided.

Ergonomic Assessments:

Ergonomic evaluations are important, since you can use them to identify health risks before they become a problem. Certain ergonomic design flaws are hard to spot, and some are only found after the employees start to suffer muscle strain, back pain, and other problems. Registered Kinesiologists can assess any work space and recommend different ergonomic tools to help employees stay at work.

Post Offer Screening:

Post offer screenings (POS) can be implemented as part of the hiring process. Companies may request a POS for future employee to ensure the workers capacities are sufficient for the demands of the job in question. The POS will be compared to the company provided physical demands analysis (PDA), from which clear and acceptable criteria will be determined. The physical screening will include standardized objective tests, and occupational and job specific tests. The POS can be tailored to best match the needs of the company, as well as the duties and demands of the position.